We are trying to identify a company or individual who would be prepared to sponsor or donate first aid supplies etc for our new Medical Centre. If you know of anyone that may be able to assist with this, please get in touch. Thank you.

Wed 09 June 2010:

With less than a month to go until our departure, Esther McCall spent her half term break (using funds from her Winston Churchill Travel Fellow) on an inspection visit in Zambia.

Primarily there to see how work was progressing on the pre-school building and medical centre, another aim was to establish exactly what needs doing elsewhere and to source materials for the project phase of our expedition. Esther also met with local officials and the press to discuss arrangements for our handover ceremony in August. The photo (left) was taken with the District Commissioner.

Apparently the new pre-school already has 70 children signed up to attend once it is open.

Below are a few other photos taken during the visit. For a larger view, please click on the thumbnail images.

Twabuka Community School
Twabuka Community School
Twabuka Community School
Twabuka Community School
Current View
Phase I Building
Completed 2006
Phase II Building - Rear
Completed 2008 - Needs repainting
Twabuka Pre School Children

Twabuka Community Pre-School

Pre-School Children
In their existing building
New Pre-School
2010 - Work in Progress
New Pre-School
2010 - Work in Progress

Mon 05 July 2010 : 14.00hrs

With mounting excitement students met for a brief question and answer session, kit check and bag weigh in. Extra supplies e.g. saws, tubs of building nails, t-shirts for the children at Twabuka School etc were also distributed amongst the bags.


Tue 06 July 2010 : 16.00hrs


Students take a last look at the school. Next stop Heathrow!

Tue 06 July 2010 : 17.30hrs

It looks as if the departure of BA057 is going to be delayed by 75 minutes and is currently scheduled to be departing at 10.30 pm (instead of 9.15 pm).

Tue 06 July 2010 : 22.35hrs GMT : Bon Voyage

At 22.28hrs (73 minutes later than scheduled) Flight BA057 departed Heathrow Terminal 5 headed for Johannesburg. After all the months of planning and preparation the team are finally on their way! With an estimated flight time of 10 hours and 50 mins they are currently due to land at 10.12hrs (local time) tomorrow morning.

(left ~ a photo of their plane)

Wed 07 July 2010 : 09.20hrs GMT

Students and Staff have (at long last) arrived at Johannesburg! The flight finally touched down at 10.02hrs local time (09.02hrs GMT) 57 minutes later than scheduled. Everyone now has about an hour to stretch their legs before boarding their onward flight to Windhoek. Flight BA 6275 is presently on time with no delays reported.

Wed 07 July 2010 : 12.10hrs GMT

BA 6275 departed for Windhoek at 12.38hrs (local time). With a flight time of 2 hours it won't be long now until everyone is back on terra firma. On arrival they will be met by Alan and Oriel of Nomad African Travel. Please note Namibia time is the same as GMT.

(A photo taken from the tarmac at J'burg)

After the 5,617 miles from London to Johannesburg, this next leg of just 737 miles will feel like a mere hop, skip and a jump!

Wed 07 July 2010 : 13.50hrs

As Confucius said "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and our young explorers are now stepping out on Namibian soil having landed a short while ago at Windhoek. They have already collected their luggage and there's been something of a record... every single bag is there... not one has gone missing (as has been the case with the last 3 expeditions)!

Wed 07 July 2010 : 19.15hrs : Namibia

Everyone is now safely ensconced in their chalets at the Arebbusch Travel Lodge. It is already dark and has been for over an hour. They are heading out shortly to eat at the much celebrated Luigi & The Fish Restaurant in Windhoek where the more adventurous diners can sample culinary delights such as 'Masai Sword', 'Fungi Steak' or even 'Fresh Tongue'. That said there's also Pizza (including a game variety) and Fish and Chips.

Tomorrow is likely to be an early start, with a 200 mile drive to Waterberg Plateau. It needs to be borne in mind that once camped any communication with the UK is going to be very difficult and it may be a few days before we hear from them again.

Thur 08 July 2010: 11.42 hrs : Text message

"First view of Waterberg. Most girls had first experience of visiting the 'powder room' in the bush when stopped. Apparently was an experience to say the least! Seen warthogs, vultures, an eagle, guinea fowl, baboons and lots of cows (LOL). Will lose signal soon." ~ Beth Ellis

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