During the project phase of our trip we wanted to:

  • Construct and equip a pre-school. A site for this had already been designated, in a more sandy area away from the main school. Apparently it was too rocky for the young ones at the main site. We had been asked to build a one classroom with an office/store room.

    Before our arrival in Zambia building work has already begun... each brick having been made by hand.

  • Build a one room Health Centre which was to be attached to the preschool. There are some trained health post people in the village so the idea was that basic medicines would be stored here and the district nurse would come and use it once a month for vaccinations, pregnant womens health checks etc.
  • Repaint the two classroom block which was completed on a previous expedition in 2006.
  • Paint the rear of the 2008 building and, time permitting, give the canteen a coat of emulsion.


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